Dental Crowns

Decay, trauma, wear, and other problems
can leave a tooth vulnerable and weak.

Porcelain dental crowns completely encase your
damaged tooth to provide long-lasting
support and protection.

Learn how the team at Signature Dental in
Sheboygan, WI, can restore your oral function
and appearance with dental crowns.

Which Conditions
Can This Treatment Address?

Dental crowns offer many restorative and cosmetic benefits. A cap can:

Protect a Compromised Tooth

Patients who have a tooth with a large filling, or one that is chipped, infected, broken, or fractured can benefit from having a cap placed. A crown offers additional support and reinforces the tooth.

Cover Misshapen or Discolored Teeth

Dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic reasons. If you have a tooth that is significantly misshapen or discolored, placing a dental crown can cover these cosmetic blemishes.


Preserve Teeth after Root Canal Therapy

Dental crowns are commonly placed following the treatment of tooth decay or after a root canal in order to preserve the remaining tooth structure.

Replace a Missing Tooth

This treatment involves the placement of a dental implant in your jaw. After you have healed, we attach a crown to the implant. Candidates for dental implants should have adequate jawbone density.


Secure Dental Bridges

Crowns can also be used to hold a traditional dental bridge in place. The bridge replaces a missing tooth or row of teeth to restore your oral health and function.

The Treatment

Dental crowns can be placed in just one visit to our Sheboygan dentistry practice.

Administer Anesthesia

Before your procedure, local anesthesia will be used to ensure that you experience minimal discomfort. We also offer oral conscious and IV sedation for patients who suffer from dental phobia or have difficulty sitting comfortably in the dentist's chair.

Prepare the Tooth

During your first appointment at our Sheboygan office, one of our doctors will prepare your tooth for the dental crown. This involves removing decayed or damaged tissue.

Digital Impressions

After your tooth is prepped, a digital impression will be made. This will be used to manufacture your new dental crown using CEREC technology. This avoids the need for a temporary crown and a second appointment.

Fabrication of the Crown

Computerized tools will create a custom crown from a single block of porcelain chosen to match the color of surrounding teeth.

Placement of the Crown

Once the crown is complete, your dentist will make sure it fits properly and make any necessary adjustments. Next, he will bond it onto the tooth, and you can leave our office with a restored appearance and protected oral health.

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aaron radder

December 2019

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Signature Dental has provided me a very satisfactory experience every time I’ve been there. I believe they are very professional and very good. They inspire me to keep doing a good job with my teeth and also with everything else in my life.

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Missy Dassler

November 2019

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Always a great experience at Signature Dental. The staff is professional and courteous and the office is equipped with latest equipment. My hygienist, Kim, always greets me with a smile and does her work efficiently. Dr. Hill is great too.

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